Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ys: The oath in Felghana magic and monsters information about

XSEED is back with a last look at Ys: in anticipation of the game launch November 2nd oath in Felghana.  The current rate granted a closer look at the main game-play elements and exploration in the world of Felghana.  Today we are pleased to highlight the role of magic and the fearsome boss opponents players November 2nd exclusively for the PSP ™ contact if oath in Felghana starts Ys: (PlayStation ® Portable)-system.

Undergo in true classic RPG form, YS hero of Adol's ability, the expansive complex open world of Ys: the oath in Felghana is deeply rooted in mythical elemental bracelets and spells keep within.The powers of fire, wind and Earth are once found at his disposal, allocating Adol shooting skills drifting fireballs, deep about cavernous or lunge forward at the speed of Sound.Die evolution and the mastery of this magic is the key to Adol's during his encounters with the most demanding Felghana's survive villains: the massive, epic bosses.

If it is one thing Ys: the oath in Felghana for it its wide range of exciting boss encounters over 18 in all known! click after you start the game, players have the option to choose from one of the 5 initial difficulty levels (easy on nightmare), and it is during the boss encounters that the differences between these levels may be really noticeable.Your skills should be up to the task are you true mark of shame to downgrade option to a lower difficulty be granted.

The oath in Felghana, intense boss is unique to Ys: each battle on a single life bar there are no healing items here to speichern.Von dragon to hell hounds, damaged Knight, crystalline addictive Monster offers no rest for the müde.Diese game grip strength and fast-paced battle sent enough to master game's tight, intuitive controls are the but with a satisfying victory and the option you again about "Time Attack" serious mode all rewards you are allergic to own adrenaline, would best your distance, keep on save, because you're going, be drowning in it!

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