Monday, 1 November 2010

Quest software's azure services

In this interview, Dmitry Sotnikov (the cloud solutions) and Einar Mykletun (security and compliance architect) from Quest Software discuss building Quest's new on-demand product line - manage cloud-based IT management services for IT professionals of their on-premise Active Directory and server infrastructure. We talk about what it, took to the services on the Windows azure platform to build, especially security focus.

Quest is an "early adopter" the Windows azure platform. You have built a comprehensive service framework and a few initial service offerings based on Windows azure framework and Windows identity framework.One of the key elements in the design of's quest frame is secure communication and authentication between all service components and layers, where the encryption certificates, within dedicated certificate store provided by Windows azure basiert.Zu stored explains this topic Einar similarities between the development of software for local and Windows azure and some important differences.

Meanwhile Dmitry can dives in benefits of claims, the authentication and authorization of's quest on demand solutions used, shows that customer security token service (STS) with other public STS systems to access the cloud-based solutions provide connected werden.Dmitry shows us a few key code samples of quests STS implementation that using Windows identity Foundation (WIF) quest classes highlighting and Einar code to implement the STS Federation for needed SSO quest for existing customers.

Guests talk Finally, Quest Software benefits of Windows azure Datacenter, such as security, recoverability, replication, and compliance with building solutions on the Windows azure platform and internal customer networks actually may be more secure if you accept the quest-on request protocol management-service built on the Windows azure.

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