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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones QuietComfort 15

Bose noise cancelling headphones QC15The search for the best noise cancelling headphones is only useful to start with Bose headphones with noise reduction! After all, the company invented the noise reduction headphones technology more than 20 years ago to the wishes of many airline travelers visit! We all know the name Bose-, the many of us more than one have your audio components in-house. It seems only natural to consider our hunt for noise reduction headphones.

The quiet comfort 15's are designed to reduce even more sounds in all areas of human hearing. The secret is that the Bose quiet comfort have 15 noise cancelling headset microphones both in and outside of each earpiece.Bose prides itself in the continuous improvement that you made on the ear, which easily attenuation, fungiert.Die quiet comfort 15 headphones as an important part in blocking noise wrinkles, to fit into a slim carrying case for the traveller.Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

The quiet comfort 15 noise reduction by proprietary signal Bose technology verbessert.Dieses signal technology enables quiet comfort 15 headphones, high quality audio, including the lower sounds in the audio spectrum to liefern.Das roar of aircraft engines and distractions at home are ideal reasons why you would consider Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, and in particular the quiet comfort-15.


Noise reduction headphones, a wide range of sounds within the spectrum for human focus on shock absorption and comfort to the ears hearing block Crystal Audio including low sounds an AAA battery used that up to you 35 hours operation single, detachable audio cable, convenient as the standard Y cable constant electronic audio equalization comes with an airline adapter slim travel case watch a video detailing the functions and operations
the Bose quiet comfort 15

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Case

If you are interested in the Bose noise canceling headphones, please visit Amazon for more product information.

Buyer reviews:

Buyers of the Bose quiet comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones at Amazon, was the noise reduction headphones an average rating of 4 1/2 star.

Example reviews include:

5starI had the QC2's, until I accidentally left you a level behind.I agonized over a $300-item to lose, but I hesitated to replace you.I would again QC2's bought only are now replaced by QC15 for the same price.The noise cancellation of QC15 on flights is significantly above that of the QC2's improved, already done a great job do not question wurde.Ich, the audio quality, but I have no complaints in this regard also
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Test Setup:
Portable: Cowon D2
Office: Aune mini USB DAC/AMP Mk2 with its 3.5 mm 6, 3 mm adapter.
Home: Grace m902 to Grado 3.5 mm-6, 3 mm adapter.
Why I ever considered buying this as an audiophile? my Office is now louder than before, so I do not want, crank up the volume too much with my closed Telefone.Mein office phone is now AKG K271s. while I like its balanced sound, which is not ideal comfort overall.
I demoed QC15 at Bestbuy.Die noise-cancelling is better than other (Tip: just wait for the demo music station), and most importantly, it is very komfortabel.Also, question I me, if Bose QC15 serve in my Office setting grow.If this plan not out works can I use still QC15 pacific flight for my long cross.
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3starI recently read about the improvements in the new QC15s baked and decided to take the plunge and see if the money really fly 35 weeks per year, is today's air travel from the sonic horror value sind.Ich my primary goal for these headphones. I bought a set of headphones over the years trying to find the right value for money balance but hatte.Ich taken not even jump on everything from Bose had the opportunity to spend an hour on my flight home yesterday compare QC15s to my two current favorites...
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