Monday, 1 November 2010

TRON: Evolution the video game history of TRON trailer

The grid welcome! Disney Interactive Studios just released a new video for TRON: evolution. Actress Olivia Wilde and game Director Darren hedges lead the charge that explain how the original TRON motion picture helped pave the way for the game of the modern look and aesthetics.

  TRON rebirth starts on December 7 with the launch of the TRON: evolution - the video game, featuring free running mobility, light inspired martial arts combat disc and exciting light cycle car chases.Players will connect seamlessly also from single-player story mode 10 person multiplayer battles in history prequel to the long awaited movie TRON: legacy in theaters December 17.TRON: evolution - battle grid, coming out on the same day and created specifically for the Nintendo Wii, allows to fight players race and play arcade games fight to become the ultimate grid Games champion!

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