Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Check out the new blue Zune

Blue Zune

Well according to Gizmodo has been confirmed, with some pretty amazing features in the direction of a Zune phone to show the blue Zune.

Cool features after the break.

Key features and benefits

Buy FM
o hear your favourite FM radio station and then to the songs you like for later purchase, if your device with your PC1 synchronization to identify.
Zune pass
o download millions of tracks, entire albums, or playlists with Zune music discover pass ® Subscription Service.Neuen or rediscover old favorites - then synchronize all
Your Zune expand your subscription online or by buying a Zune pass card. 4 wireless sync
o connect to your home wireless network and remote synchronizing your Zune ® device with your PC collection of your dock, AC adapter, or speaker dock accessory. 2
Device to cloud
o access thousands of wireless hotspots around the country of your collection automatically browse Zune Marketplace to update channels, share favorites with friends or buy songs selected from your FM radio.
Wireless sharing
o your favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures and even audio podcasts freely between each Zune send ® devices. 3
o Zune ® channels are custom programming stations personalized playlists on your Zune ® from a variety of sources to provide that select you like such as music experts, prominent or top radio stations.
o games rock on your Zune ® .Zune ® players now come with a range of fun free to choose Spiele.Das popular poker game Texas Hold'em or challenge yourself to a game of Hexic, and make sure that your favorite song from your collection to create your own personal game soundtrack play.
Video/TV shows
o choose from a growing selection of TV shows now on Zune ® Marketplace video store available.Recorded TV shows or movies from Windows Media Center in Windows Vista can import and on your Zune. 5 are synchronized


Specifications section
o capacity: 8 GB
o digital storage media: hard disk drive - integrated
o sound output mode: stereo
o digital photo standards supported: JPEG, audio and video playback
o digital audio standards supported: MP3, WMA, AAC
o play modes: random play / shuffle
o digital video standard supported: MPEG-4, WMV, h. 264
o display integrated display: LCD color
"o diagonal size: X"
o resolution: 320 x 240
o battery: rechargeable lithium ion
o headphones: binaural headphones
o including accessories: 3 earpiece covers sync cable
o connection type: 1 x docking station |1 X USB |1 X headphones

A little overpowering, but the connection to the main market square, update songs; this is to see how works out, what you need to fix, and oh great November around comes the Zune phone releases "BETA" on Zune dial do this.

[Via Gizmodo]

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ZTE R750 dual mode Android phone

ZTE's was discovered another Android phone in the ongoing P & T/EXPO COMM China 2010 event. The phone named R750 and running Android 2.1. An important point is that it is a dual-mode phone and radio supports CDMA and GSM. The design looks very ordinary, but the information is not bad as a phone that is about 1800 Yuan price. It gets a 528 MHZ Qualcomm MSM7627 processor, 3.2 inches 320 × 480 capacitive touchscreen, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM and a 3 megapixel camera.

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ViewSonic's latest 3D monitors

ViewSonic hits back by introducing its latest 3D monitor V3D241wm LED for the European market. With a 120 Hz Panel, this AMD certified 24-inch LED backlit display full HD resolution, 20,000,000:1 delivers to 1920 x 1080 dynamic contrast ratio, brightness of 300 cd/m2 and 2 MS (GTG) response time monitor and comes bundled with a 3D glasses (active). Also, it comes with two 2W speakers and a range of connectivity including USB, D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. The ViewSonic V3D241wm LED is now available for purchase in the UK for 330 GBP (approximately $527).

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Malata starts ZPad, A slick Android mini tablet

Yet another iPad copycat from the Shanzhai has the shelves! The ZPad is an exciting Android-powered Tablet PC from the familiar name Malata. An iPad is all about your screen and the ZPad has a 10? capacitive and touch screen at 1024 × 600 resolution. Woot!

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Huawei C8500 bargains Android phone hands-on video

Current P & T / EXPO COMM China 2010 event in Beijing hold, brings his new Android phone C8500 Huawei. The phone supports radio EDVO and will head to China Telecom in China. It is aimed at beginners market with a very good price, which would be under 1000 Yuan. It processor, a 2.8 inch 320 × 240 capacitive touchscreen, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a 3 calls a 528 MHZ Qualcomm MSM7625, 2 megapixel camera.It runs Android 2.1 and the lifetime of the battery is 5 hours for time take. From the video, we can see that it runs very fluent and very accomodating with widget user interface to provide good user experience. Check the video below.

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Eizo brings multitouch on 17 FlexScan T1751 LCD

It cannot be, something that probably can not your sleek, smooth LCD can be the most beautiful of the group, but Eizo's new monitor: touch to accept input. Eizo is best known for creating high-end, professional monitors used for very specific applications, and this new FlexScan T1751 is no different. The device offers multitouch capabilities provided by Windows 7 for an intuitive way to use two fingers to use on the screen by tapping, scroll, drag pinching, etc.

The screen is only the second multitouch Eizo monitor and the smaller size of this one way makes it more flexible. It is intended primarily for use in schools and enterprises or in places where a 5: 4 aspect ratio. These days it's hard to all aspect ratio except for 16: 9-widescreen key FlexScan T1751 features find, so again, flexibility is a VA (vertical orientation) Panel with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024. There are also 178 ° view angle, 180 cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of 1500. The monitor comes with a unique state called the "LaidBack" setting is specifically designed for the use of multitouch.LaidBack stand is short, as a picture frame, so the monitor bezel rests on the desktop and tilts back in six increments of 15 ° 65 ° allows to check the user followed almost directly on the screen and touch it easily without his arm to extend.

A sensor on the front panel called reads auto EcoView ambient lightning and the brightness of the screen to the ideal level.A meter on the screen called EcoView index lights up to indicate the energy savings auto EcoView; that glows more EcoView waiting out of the use, the greater the Einsparungen.Das device varies now shipping costs, but prices vary by region.

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PANTONE digital novel personal e-book reader supports Wi-Fi

PANTONE digital introduced its latest staff eReader in the PANTONE digital novel series. The eReader is equipped with a 6 inch ePaper electrophoretic display with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and a built-in Barnes and noble eBook Store one direct on more than one million e-books, newspapers and magazines access. The gadget powered by a lithium ion battery, rechargeable by an AC adapter or a USB port is powered. Its battery delivers long battery life of up to 6,000 page breaks. It also supports the Pandigital novel staff, PDF and EPUB file formats, one 2 GB internal memory, an integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and a Web browser. The storage capacity can be expanded using MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. Measurement + inch x 6.75 inches X 0, 38 inches, the new Pandigital novel personal eReader retails for $199.99 each.

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Dell Announces additional multimedia centric LED displays

Dell is your monitor portfolio with a handful of new LED extend monitors. When the Dell offer Studio LED monitor lineup, 22 (ST2220), 23-inch (ST2320) and 24-Zoll-(ST2420)-monitore part 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, a response time of 5ms and a dynamic contrast ratio on 7,000,000 to 8,000, appreciated is 000: 1. These monitors are energy star 5.0 compatible with VGA and DVI ports.

Dell has also announced two new 20-inch HD monitors through IN2020 and IN2020M. These screens have a resolution of 1600 x 900 and a black to white 5ms response time. The monitors are also energy star 5.0 compliant.The IN2020 dedicates VGA connectivity, during the IN2020M via a DVI connector has. later in this fall Dell also plans to introduce a 21.5-inch multi touch display with IPS technology.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Acer launches new eMachines desktop

Acer Inc. announced the introduction of three new eMachines-desktop computers, the EL1352 A22C EL1850 A22C/T and EL1850 A22C/TF. The EL1352 series computer a dual core AMD Athlon II X 2 220 processor, 2 GB RAM and a 320 GB hard drive will be. The EL1850 series will have Intel Pentium processors, 18.5 inch anti-glare LCD and Microsoft Office staff 2010. The 1352 two are computer to 20 of this month with the 1850 the series after on 27.

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Malata ZPad gets 1 GHz processor and Android 2.2, hits the market

Malata is definitely not here a strange name. We have introduced quite a lot of his NetBook. Shanzhai has entered the Tablet times so Malata worldwide products of this category for consumers. Today it officially launched a new Tablet called ZPad on the market. It calls seemingly very nice specs, a 1 GHz NVIDIA dual cortex A9 processor, 10.1-inch 1024 × 600 capacitive touchscreen, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB flash memory, built-in GPS chip. What's more, it gets a 3500mAh battery. It is said that working time could be up to 10 hours. Doesn't sound really bad. The curse, the price is not low, 2999 Yuan for a unit.

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MSI launches stylish FX700 and FR700 notebooks

The latest fashion in mobile PC design is blow to a high gloss finish, which admittedly looks great but also serves as a magnet for smudges and fingerprints. MSI claims its new FX700 and FR700 to such nonsense with their image quality and anti-scratch tolerate increased dead seal coating technology will not. Sounds fancy, and should we get to play with, we let you know if it works.

In the meantime we have a handful of information on teilen.Je more powerful of the two, the FX700 is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor up to 80 GB DDR3 memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 425 M graphics with a 1 GB frame buffer, 320 / 500 / 640 GB hard drive, DVD burner, 4-channel speakers, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, 5-in-1 memory card reader, HDMI, VGA, Bluetooth, Windows 7 Home Premium and a 6-cell battery.

The FR700 shares the exact same data sheet, except it integrated graphics to Intel HD chip downgraded and therefore not the same GPU-boost technology like the FX700 Aktien.Andernfalls these laptops of the same including MSIs Turbo drive engine (TDE) technology.

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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones QuietComfort 15

Bose noise cancelling headphones QC15The search for the best noise cancelling headphones is only useful to start with Bose headphones with noise reduction! After all, the company invented the noise reduction headphones technology more than 20 years ago to the wishes of many airline travelers visit! We all know the name Bose-, the many of us more than one have your audio components in-house. It seems only natural to consider our hunt for noise reduction headphones.

The quiet comfort 15's are designed to reduce even more sounds in all areas of human hearing. The secret is that the Bose quiet comfort have 15 noise cancelling headset microphones both in and outside of each earpiece.Bose prides itself in the continuous improvement that you made on the ear, which easily attenuation, fungiert.Die quiet comfort 15 headphones as an important part in blocking noise wrinkles, to fit into a slim carrying case for the traveller.Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

The quiet comfort 15 noise reduction by proprietary signal Bose technology verbessert.Dieses signal technology enables quiet comfort 15 headphones, high quality audio, including the lower sounds in the audio spectrum to liefern.Das roar of aircraft engines and distractions at home are ideal reasons why you would consider Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, and in particular the quiet comfort-15.


Noise reduction headphones, a wide range of sounds within the spectrum for human focus on shock absorption and comfort to the ears hearing block Crystal Audio including low sounds an AAA battery used that up to you 35 hours operation single, detachable audio cable, convenient as the standard Y cable constant electronic audio equalization comes with an airline adapter slim travel case watch a video detailing the functions and operations
the Bose quiet comfort 15

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Case

If you are interested in the Bose noise canceling headphones, please visit Amazon for more product information.

Buyer reviews:

Buyers of the Bose quiet comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones at Amazon, was the noise reduction headphones an average rating of 4 1/2 star.

Example reviews include:

5starI had the QC2's, until I accidentally left you a level behind.I agonized over a $300-item to lose, but I hesitated to replace you.I would again QC2's bought only are now replaced by QC15 for the same price.The noise cancellation of QC15 on flights is significantly above that of the QC2's improved, already done a great job do not question wurde.Ich, the audio quality, but I have no complaints in this regard also
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Test Setup:
Portable: Cowon D2
Office: Aune mini USB DAC/AMP Mk2 with its 3.5 mm 6, 3 mm adapter.
Home: Grace m902 to Grado 3.5 mm-6, 3 mm adapter.
Why I ever considered buying this as an audiophile? my Office is now louder than before, so I do not want, crank up the volume too much with my closed Telefone.Mein office phone is now AKG K271s. while I like its balanced sound, which is not ideal comfort overall.
I demoed QC15 at Bestbuy.Die noise-cancelling is better than other (Tip: just wait for the demo music station), and most importantly, it is very komfortabel.Also, question I me, if Bose QC15 serve in my Office setting grow.If this plan not out works can I use still QC15 pacific flight for my long cross.
Read the full review

3starI recently read about the improvements in the new QC15s baked and decided to take the plunge and see if the money really fly 35 weeks per year, is today's air travel from the sonic horror value sind.Ich my primary goal for these headphones. I bought a set of headphones over the years trying to find the right value for money balance but hatte.Ich taken not even jump on everything from Bose had the opportunity to spend an hour on my flight home yesterday compare QC15s to my two current favorites...
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Splatterhouse goes Gold…and blood red

SANTA CLARA, California (Oct. 28, 2010)-Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., announced today that SPLATTERHOUSE ® gone gold for Xbox 360 ®-Videospiel-and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation ® 3 computer entertainment system. Inspired by the landmark 1988 arcade hit, SPLATTERHOUSE combined to provide visceral, adrenaline-soaked struggle with horror elements, over-the-top Gore.


College student Rick Taylor follows SPLATTERHOUSE, as he embarks on a mission, his girlfriend, Jennifer, rescue, who was abducted after a mysterious dilapidated mansion inhabited by an elusive scientist, Dr. West entered.Faced by otherworldly horrible abomination under Dr. West's control, applies Rick a mystical sentient mask that promises him the power to unite with his beloved Jennifer geben.Voll despair, Rick dons of the "terror mask" and something that stands in his way turns into a raging juggernaut, exemplary unadulterated violence and destruction.

ScrnShot_S0005-22 copy

The unfiltered, primal aggression embodies his namesake , SPLATTERHOUSE gives possibilities to decimate your enemies with extreme Gore including necrotic powered energy players attacks, all powerful Brutes mode, an arsenal of classic SPLATTERHOUSE weapons and the ultimate on the RIP top of cruel splatter kills that, Pierce, and smash your opponents in bloody pulpy mass.


Boasting a licensed soundtrack with many of the top names in metal, the original SPLATTERHOUSE trilogy as an unlockable and survival arenas is SPLATTERHOUSE the ultimate celebration of all things metal and Gore.

SPLATTERHOUSE will be available across North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system November 23, 2010 with an ESRB rating of "M" for mature and a MSRP of $59.99 wear wird.Erweiterung on accessibility of Splatterhouse brand, starts the classic version of the game on mobile phone at the same time including iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, JAVA and BREW.

For more information about SPLATTERHOUSE, visit please and for more information about Namco library of iOS and mobile games please or NAMCO GAMES on Facebook.

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Ys: The oath in Felghana magic and monsters information about

XSEED is back with a last look at Ys: in anticipation of the game launch November 2nd oath in Felghana.  The current rate granted a closer look at the main game-play elements and exploration in the world of Felghana.  Today we are pleased to highlight the role of magic and the fearsome boss opponents players November 2nd exclusively for the PSP ™ contact if oath in Felghana starts Ys: (PlayStation ® Portable)-system.

Undergo in true classic RPG form, YS hero of Adol's ability, the expansive complex open world of Ys: the oath in Felghana is deeply rooted in mythical elemental bracelets and spells keep within.The powers of fire, wind and Earth are once found at his disposal, allocating Adol shooting skills drifting fireballs, deep about cavernous or lunge forward at the speed of Sound.Die evolution and the mastery of this magic is the key to Adol's during his encounters with the most demanding Felghana's survive villains: the massive, epic bosses.

If it is one thing Ys: the oath in Felghana for it its wide range of exciting boss encounters over 18 in all known! click after you start the game, players have the option to choose from one of the 5 initial difficulty levels (easy on nightmare), and it is during the boss encounters that the differences between these levels may be really noticeable.Your skills should be up to the task are you true mark of shame to downgrade option to a lower difficulty be granted.

The oath in Felghana, intense boss is unique to Ys: each battle on a single life bar there are no healing items here to speichern.Von dragon to hell hounds, damaged Knight, crystalline addictive Monster offers no rest for the müde.Diese game grip strength and fast-paced battle sent enough to master game's tight, intuitive controls are the but with a satisfying victory and the option you again about "Time Attack" serious mode all rewards you are allergic to own adrenaline, would best your distance, keep on save, because you're going, be drowning in it!

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360 Kinect come Deca Sports freedom for Xbox November 18

San MateoCalif.-Oct. 28, 2010 - Players will be 10 complete sports such as tennis, dodge ball and even figure skating without a controller in their hands you can play side SPORTS freedom. It is the newest game in the hugely successful, family-friendly side SPORTS series which, SOFT has sold worldwide by Hudson entertainment, the North and South American subsidiary of HUDSON about 4 million units. SIDE is SPORTS freedom on KinectTM for Xbox 360 ®-Videospiel-and get entertainment system from Microsoft on November 18.

"" Side SPORTS freedom is SPORTS franchise, an exciting step forward for the side", said Mike Pepe, Director of marketing at Hudson entertainment.""We are proud, new technologies and innovation in gaming in our mission games that appeal to players of all ages and skill levels provide embrace." 

  360 Complete for the first time with 10 sporting events, designed specifically for the Xbox 360 for Kinect take side SPORTS liberty sports gaming to the next level and Xbox.Players compete in tennis, boxing, archery, paintball, beach volleyball, Dodge Ball, kendo, mogul skiing, snowboard cross and figure skating.SIDE SPORTS freedom benefit Kinect for Xbox 360's advanced technology and allows family and friends, locally and even online controller free together against "DECAthletes" around the world via Xbox LIVE ® to konkurrieren.Bewegungen players by their avatars, mirrored, werden.DECA displayed in the game as the athletes SPORTS freedom will provide the experience of the original "everybody sports game" with exciting gameplay of the next generation.

For more information about side SPORTS freedom, please visit the following Web sites:

Official website:

Twitter: HudsonEnt
Facebook: Hudson entertainment

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Tagforce 5 comes to PlayStation Portable

El Segundo, California - Oct 28, 2010-today, the company announced the latest video game in the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Series is now available in retail stores nationwide. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Tagforce 5 for PSP ® (PlayStation ® Portable) lets players their skills on the go to take and revel in the high pace duel, the Yu-Gi-Oh has made! a worldwide favorite collectible card game, animated series and video game series. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Tagforce 5 brings a unique and original story, the torn from the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 D's animated series on Cartoon Network and the CW for children on the 4Kids-Network. In addition to the rich storyline, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tagforce 5 brings unique attributes use the strength of the PSP, the best Yu-Gi-Oh provides such as ad hoc wireless gameplay, incredible 3D animation and hundreds of hours of content! Tagforce games so far.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Tagforce 5 takes fast-paced duel on the go, in the latest in exclusive PSP game. The game takes place during the reconstruction of new Domino city and satellites, as peace is finally from the fallout of the last battle with the dark of signer's settled.As the city begins again normal resign, a mysterious Duelist called ghost and three other suspects alien from Yliaster ankommen.Bald upon arrival Yusei learns of its ominous intentions and recognizes that he is the only one that could defeat the new enemies, safety and security of the fragile new Domino threaten city.

Players duel in the rich story mode as Yusei, to the new non-believers, with play and interact with over 100 characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe or jump into the free duel and get right in the heart of the trading card game. Duel is relatively endless as the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Tagforce 5 brings more than 4,700 cards into play including maps from the star strike series, set in November 2010 publish.Players can fight against friends with, that the PSP system ad-hoc gameplay, up to four players can against each other or a team and wirelessly to konkurrieren.Alle, add these properties to hundreds of hours of game play and one of the most expansive Yu-Gi-Oh!Title, date.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 d's Tagforce 5 for PSP system is rated E for everyone by the ESRB and comes packed with three exclusive Trading Cards.Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 d's Tagforce 5 is now available in retail stores nationwide for the SRP of $29.99.

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Dungeons closed beta sign ups begin

Ridgewood, New Jersey, 28 October 2010-Kalypso media USA pleased to the closed beta test for DUNGEONS, to announce their upcoming strategy game, where it is good to be bad! This a great opportunity to create the most sinister experience developers help for those who is selected to participate in the beta test! DUNGEONS raises the role player who most powerful, spends his time attract all Dungeon Lords hero in his insidiously designed dungeons with the promise of happiness and glory - only for covered and be deprived of your precious soul energy. Reporting you for Beta DUNGEONS, and in the DUNGEONS discussion forums participate, visit please. Those selected to participate in the beta program will begin testing on November 4.

-Melden you sign up for the beta version
-Besuchen you the official website

Don't miss this chance to help, test your skills as a Dungeon Master!
DUNGEONS follows mainly all Dungeon Lords mis adventures of, spends his time heroes lure in its labyrinthine creations with the promise of treasure and a good fight - only to be caught by its ingenious devices.

In DUNGEONS our protagonist falls victim to a devious plot of his ex-girlfriend for vile evil and thoroughly vicious hatched and finds himself at the bottom of the underworld hierarchy and up from the Dungeon Haufen.In of his world is it getting about as bad as kann.Unseren Lord has his revenge, and make his way back down the Dungeon levels to its rightful place - but first he with his new bosses must address despicable Dungeon Lords, which in its own way the three.

At his disposal his stupid Goblin minions are digging tunnels and rooms to lay out of hiding and start increasing and courageous heroes who dare to build, not to mention plots his revenge against his ex-girlfriend and his new bosses who think it's fun, self-evident it with useless tasks to bombardieren.Es, a vicious and malicious creature like our Dungeon Lord more than a few tricks up his sleeve hat.Rache will indeed be sweet.

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Hasbro family game night 3 today releases five new games on consoles

REDWOOD CITY, California (BUSINESS WIRE) - the EA play label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced today it offers consumers more family fun of this holiday season with the launch of HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3, the latest addition to the HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT-video game collection of EA. HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3, a collection of five family Hasbro game preferred brands, video game for Xbox is computer entertainment system now for Wii ™, 360 ® and entertainment system and PlayStation ® 3.

"" The premier interactive family experience develop we the timeless brands in new ways on HD platforms, brought to life ", said chip Lange, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA's play label."HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 promises to ring in the holidays with hours of family-style fun for all ages and skill levels."

In an interactive theme park, and offers five venerable Hasbro games in one package, HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 childhood memories to life brings original and remix versions of family favorites including THE GAME OF LIFE ® and CLUE ®. The game also TWISTER ® moves MOUSE TRAP, YAHTZEE ® hands down, of which with added all for digital game turns and wurden.sobald optimizes features players their MII (for the Wii) or avatar create (for Xbox 360) typing attractions, are one of the five game experience family game night in a new way, how to win spiders in THE GAME OF LIFE, discover "Whodunit" in CLUE cock out some TWISTER dance moves, enable wild chain reactions in MOUSE TRAP, and shuffle with YAHTZEE hands down.The fun HASBRO FAMILY GAME night 3 builds as players progress through the game and be rewarded with exciting elements such as unlockable costumes for MR. POTATO HEAD - all based on the game with such ensembles as "Spudlock Holmes" CLUE or "Tater night fever" for TWISTER play.

All versions of HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 ratchet up the fun with multiplayer capability for up to four players.In addition allow the Xbox 360 and 3 games, players compete PlayStation against friends worldwide through online-play and use a Matchmaking feature that enables the player can connect to opponents of similar skills and taste.

Also available is HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT VALUE PACK for the Wii, a package filled with 11 games to suit all the family members this week.With the inclusion of the two original and second video games in the popular EA franchise, the HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT VALUE PACK provides timeless games how battleship, four, operation and KOLLAGE.Jeder allows play up to four players in an array of different titles in the cost-effective bundle with a number of exciting twists and features to compete.

"" The HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT video game series continues to be a big hit with consumers of all ages,"said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of digital media and gaming at Hasbro.""The iconic Hasbro-inspired games collection is a party in a box, variety, fun and surprises with new and innovative features and gameplay modes offer the HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 geworden.sowohl really both TheHASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT VALUE PACK offer hours of fun for everyone in the family."

HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT series carry out an assessment of the "E" for jedermann.HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 is fixed $39.95, available during the HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT VALUE PACK for an SRP of $49.95 at an SRP ist.Besuchen for more information and assets

For additional news and updates on Hasbro's complete lineup of games - or tips to start your own family game night - check or follow @ Familygamenight on Twitter at

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We are all in on PDC10

Here it's all about the cloud and Windows azure at PDC10. And with the last week announcements about Office 365, you can see that Office and SharePoint are serious about the cloud as well. In this episode we talk with Steve Fox and Chris Mayo, who have done a lot of work by leveraging azure services and data in SharePoint solutions and building solutions on SharePoint online. Watch explains how Steve over how to start talks with the development of solutions using Windows azure and Chris SharePoint online from a developer's perspective.

Below are links to the topics, discussed in the show.

Information worker VM

Microsoft azure Developer Portal
Office 365 - SharePoint online

 PDC10 in Redmond

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Assassin's creed brotherhood goes gold

SAN FRANCISCO - 28 October 2010-Today Ubisoft ® Announces that Assassin's creed ® brotherhood for the Xbox 360 ®-Videospiel-and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation ® 3 computer entertainment system gone "gold" and will be available on 16 November 2010 at retailers in North America.

Right to strike in the heart of the enemy criticism acclaimed single player experience of Assassin's creed is back and better than ever before, like Ezio for an epic struggle against the Mighty Knights Templar order zurückgibt.Bietet play more single player gameplay as Assassin's creed II, now as a legendary master assassin and journey into Italy's largest city, Rome, Centre makes greed and corruption.

For the first time in history, Assassin's creed brotherhood offers never-before-seen multiplayer, excellent "best multiplayer game" by the renowned game critics organization at e3 2010.Players have the option, things from the Templar's experience perspective if you in the shoes of elite Abstergo agent step decompile handpicked training to better the assassins to Kämpfen.Spieler can choose techniques each with their own signature from a variety of unique characters, weapons and murder, and match your skills against other players from around the world in various game modes. The multiplayer Suite coupled with an extensive single player campaign Assassin's creed brotherhood makes not only the best Assassin's experience, but also the best value.

"Assassin's creed brotherhood is the largest and most ambitious titles we have ever created," said Sebastien Puel, executive producer at Ubisoft Montreal."Not only players receive a fully rugged and updated single player game that is greater than Assassin's creed II, but an award-winning component as gut.Brotherhood is multiplayer the largest Assassin's-experience we have ever created."

Assassin's creed brotherhood is a worldwide production effort that led by Ubisoft Montreal Studio in cooperation with Ubisoft studios in Singapore, Bucharest, Quebec City and Annecy.Assassin's creed brotherhood is rated by ESRB "M" for mature and are recommended by the manufacturer retail price of $59.99 available.

The game's for more news and information on Assassin's creed brotherhood please visit official Web site at

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TRON: Evolution the video game history of TRON trailer

The grid welcome! Disney Interactive Studios just released a new video for TRON: evolution. Actress Olivia Wilde and game Director Darren hedges lead the charge that explain how the original TRON motion picture helped pave the way for the game of the modern look and aesthetics.

  TRON rebirth starts on December 7 with the launch of the TRON: evolution - the video game, featuring free running mobility, light inspired martial arts combat disc and exciting light cycle car chases.Players will connect seamlessly also from single-player story mode 10 person multiplayer battles in history prequel to the long awaited movie TRON: legacy in theaters December 17.TRON: evolution - battle grid, coming out on the same day and created specifically for the Nintendo Wii, allows to fight players race and play arcade games fight to become the ultimate grid Games champion!

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T-mobile announces first U.S. carrier with Galaxy tab you are

Matthew Miller

Matthew is an avid mobile device enthusiast who works during the day as a professional naval architect in Seattle. He is one of the three hosts on the MobileTechRoundup podcast and runs Nokia expert website. Matthew started with mobile devices in 1997 with a US Robotics pilot 1000 and Palm, Linux, Symbian, Newton, BlackBerry, Mac OS X (iPhone) has more than 90 different devices running Google Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. His current collection includes a Nokia N85, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia N810, Apple iPhone, HTC advantage, T-Mobile G1, Palm Treo Pro, HTC fuze, MSI wind, MacBook Pro, and many more, along with tons of accessories and classic devices like the Apple Newton Newton 2100 and Sony CLIE UX50. Matthew co-authored master visually Windows Mobile 2003, was a member of the Nokia Nseries blogger relations program and is a member of the invite only Microsoft Mobius mobile device evangelist group. He can be found on various discussion forums under the user name of "Palm solo".

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Quest software's azure services

In this interview, Dmitry Sotnikov (the cloud solutions) and Einar Mykletun (security and compliance architect) from Quest Software discuss building Quest's new on-demand product line - manage cloud-based IT management services for IT professionals of their on-premise Active Directory and server infrastructure. We talk about what it, took to the services on the Windows azure platform to build, especially security focus.

Quest is an "early adopter" the Windows azure platform. You have built a comprehensive service framework and a few initial service offerings based on Windows azure framework and Windows identity framework.One of the key elements in the design of's quest frame is secure communication and authentication between all service components and layers, where the encryption certificates, within dedicated certificate store provided by Windows azure basiert.Zu stored explains this topic Einar similarities between the development of software for local and Windows azure and some important differences.

Meanwhile Dmitry can dives in benefits of claims, the authentication and authorization of's quest on demand solutions used, shows that customer security token service (STS) with other public STS systems to access the cloud-based solutions provide connected werden.Dmitry shows us a few key code samples of quests STS implementation that using Windows identity Foundation (WIF) quest classes highlighting and Einar code to implement the STS Federation for needed SSO quest for existing customers.

Guests talk Finally, Quest Software benefits of Windows azure Datacenter, such as security, recoverability, replication, and compliance with building solutions on the Windows azure platform and internal customer networks actually may be more secure if you accept the quest-on request protocol management-service built on the Windows azure.

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Hyper dimension Neptunia coming to North American and European PlayStation 3

Santa Ana, California - NIS America is proud to link dimension Neptunia, a brand new RPG for the PlayStation ® 3 for spring 2011 in both North America and Europe to announce.


These unique RPG features game consoles embodied as goddesses, CPUs (console patron units) that you can customize visually, with equipment to improve your statistics.


Players take the role of Neptune and follow your quest, the captive Histoire to speichern.Dies leads you to the corrupt monsters, the devastation of the world of the Gamindustri, unleashed by the evil Arfoire face.


Neptunia features also iconic characters from classic games as special summon skills.


CPUs:Video game consoles & company that personalized!
GRAPHIC EDIT:As Neptune rear emblem use editing pictures stored on your PS3!
Beschwören:Summon a video game character or your own edited images!
COMBO EDIT:Customize, create and name your own combo attacks!



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Sonic free riders weapons trailer

The first Sonic the Hedgehog game for Kinect the Xbox 360 is a racing game called Sonic free riders and we have the weapons trailer showing off some of the measures both in the game and your Kinect and TV set.

This trailer is presented as an introduction to the weapons in the game, as players are literally the controller to use item and win every race!In no time at all, will shake a pro with OCTO ink to cover your opponent's screen until a soda rocket blast to place first, throw a target torpedo and much more! Kinect's unique way or sensor means Sonic free riders see by turn controlling your favorite Sonic characters and fully customizable hover boards or bicycles family and friends, turn and jump to the first one who cross the finish line in an exciting race!

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White iPhone now shows up in the Apple store APP

Matthew Miller

Matthew is an avid mobile device enthusiast who works during the day as a professional naval architect in Seattle. He is one of the three hosts on the MobileTechRoundup podcast and runs Nokia expert website. Matthew started with mobile devices in 1997 with a US Robotics pilot 1000 and Palm, Linux, Symbian, Newton, BlackBerry, Mac OS X (iPhone) has more than 90 different devices running Google Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. His current collection includes a Nokia N85, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia N810, Apple iPhone, HTC advantage, T-Mobile G1, Palm Treo Pro, HTC fuze, MSI wind, MacBook Pro, and many more, along with tons of accessories and classic devices like the Apple Newton Newton 2100 and Sony CLIE UX50. Matthew co-authored master visually Windows Mobile 2003, was a member of the Nokia Nseries blogger relations program and is a member of the invite only Microsoft Mobius mobile device evangelist group. He can be found on various discussion forums under the user name of "Palm solo".

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