Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Eizo brings multitouch on 17 FlexScan T1751 LCD

It cannot be, something that probably can not your sleek, smooth LCD can be the most beautiful of the group, but Eizo's new monitor: touch to accept input. Eizo is best known for creating high-end, professional monitors used for very specific applications, and this new FlexScan T1751 is no different. The device offers multitouch capabilities provided by Windows 7 for an intuitive way to use two fingers to use on the screen by tapping, scroll, drag pinching, etc.

The screen is only the second multitouch Eizo monitor and the smaller size of this one way makes it more flexible. It is intended primarily for use in schools and enterprises or in places where a 5: 4 aspect ratio. These days it's hard to all aspect ratio except for 16: 9-widescreen key FlexScan T1751 features find, so again, flexibility is a VA (vertical orientation) Panel with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024. There are also 178 ° view angle, 180 cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of 1500. The monitor comes with a unique state called the "LaidBack" setting is specifically designed for the use of multitouch.LaidBack stand is short, as a picture frame, so the monitor bezel rests on the desktop and tilts back in six increments of 15 ° 65 ° allows to check the user followed almost directly on the screen and touch it easily without his arm to extend.

A sensor on the front panel called reads auto EcoView ambient lightning and the brightness of the screen to the ideal level.A meter on the screen called EcoView index lights up to indicate the energy savings auto EcoView; that glows more EcoView waiting out of the use, the greater the Einsparungen.Das device varies now shipping costs, but prices vary by region.

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